The Polish TV content rating system consists of five different tiers, meant to symbolize the minimum age-appropriateness for a TV program.



Green smile face: 0+. This means that content with this rating is suitable for viewing by all age groups. There is nothing unsuitable for children in the program. This does not mean a children's TV program.


Blue 7: 7+. Content with this rating may be unsuitable for younger children. There might be a milder swear word, or some limited violence. Printed material must be rated at least a 7. This does not mean a children's TV program.


Yellow 12: 12+. Content with this rating is unsuitable for pre-teenagers. Some coarser swear words than are allowed on 7 may appear, as well as some sexual content.


Orange 16: 16+. Content with this rating is unsuitable for some younger teenagers. Sexual swear words (such as f**k, sh*t, etc.) are allowed, as well as other bad material. This rating can only air from 8 PM until 6 AM.


Red lock: 18+. Content with this rating is designed exclusively for adults. This is often used to brand softcore pornography. This rating can only air from 11 PM until 6 AM.

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