Philippines' current rating system uses three tiers: G, PG, and SPG.

This was originally a four-tiered system, composed of G (General Patronage), PG (Parental Guidance), SPG (Strong Parental Guidance), and M, but sometime before the implementation of the new system, the "M" rating was dropped.

This new ratings system is similar to the old one, but the look and the ratings themselves have been completely revamped. The new system consists a new full-screen advisory of the program's rating which is flashed before every program, whatever the rating of such program is, except in the case of programs with an SPG rating, wherein the rating must be aired twice (before the program and after a commercial break somewhere in the middle of the program). A rating logo then appears at the bottom right of the screen during a program if it was rated as such. Sometimes, when annotations are to be put and it takes the place of the logo, then it has to be put on the upper left side of the screen, opposite the logo of the TV station.

ABS-CBN - MTRCB SPG ver00:31


On February 9, 2012, the SPG rating was implemented, which utilizes at least one of the following content descriptors: T for tema (themes), L for lengguwahe (language), K for karahasan (violence), S for sekswal (sex), H for horror (horror) and D for droga (drugs). The rating was first broadcast on the film Cinco, which was aired in ABS-CBN, where it had its old advisory. 

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