The Office of Film and Literature Classification uses a variety of ratings to classify media for consumption in New Zealand, which includes but is not limited to film, TV shows, video games, literature, and on rare occasions has even included things like caravans and T-shirts.

Ratings Edit

G - Suitable for all ages.

PG - Parental guidance suggested.

M - Recommended for ages 16 and over.

R13 - Restricted to 13 and over.

RP13 - Restricted to 13 and over unless accompanied by an adult.

R14 - Restricted to 14 and over. This rating was only used once for the book Into the River - since it has been reclassified M, this rating is not currently in use on any title.

R15 - Restricted to 15 and over.

R16 - Restricted to 16 and over.

RP16 - Restricted to 16 and over unless accompanied by an adult.

R18 - Restricted to 18 and over.

Trivia Edit

  • Titles which have been rated G, PG, or M in Australia can carry the Australian classification when sold in New Zealand and do not legally require a separate classification.
New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification
Common unrestricted labels: G | PG | M
Common restricted labels: 13 | 16 | 18
Other restricted labels: R | 15 | RP13 | RP16

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