New Zealand's RP16 rating is mandated by the country to indicate that a movie is unsuitable for children under 16, and that no one under that age is admitted to the film unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Occasionally the Classification Office will assign an RP13 or RP16 classification to a film. This classification is different from R13 or R16, where it is an offence to supply the film or DVD to any person who is under the specified age.

Examples of RP16 titlesEdit

  • 127 Hours ("Graphic content may disturb")
  • Revolutionary Road ("Violence, offensive language & sex scenes")
  • The Emperor & The Assassin ("Violence")
  • Orphan and Kingdoms ("Violence, offensive language, nudity, drug use and suicide")
  • Kingdom of Heavens ("Battle violence")
New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification
Common unrestricted labels: G | PG | M
Common restricted labels: 13 | 16 | 18
Other restricted labels: R | 15 | RP13 | RP16

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