The Film Classification Board of Malaysia's ratings are both used on movie and TV classification. The classification board has 2 tiers formerly and currently 3 tiers.

Since 1 April 2012, the following ratings have been used:

Rating Description Screening time (for television)
U General viewing and suitable for all ages Anytime
P13 Parental guidance is advisable for children under 13 6:00 to 10:00 PM (12:00 PM on weekdays)
18 Unsuitable for children under 18 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM

Historically, film censorship in Malaysia was carried out by police under the Theatre Ordinance 1908. In 1954 the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia (LPF) was created to censor films distributed across Malaysia in accordance with the Cinematograph Films Act 1952, and later the Film Censorship Act 2002.[1] Malaysia's motion picture rating system was introduced in 1953, initially classifying films either for General Audiences (Tontonan Umum) or For Adults Only (Untuk Orang Dewasa Sahaja), and in 1996 these classifications were changed to U and 18. 18 had four categories namely 18SG for violence and horror, 18SX for sexual content, 18PA for political or religious content and 18PL for two or more expletives. 18PL is the rarest category seen in film during that era. In 2010 the PG13 classification was introduced, which was changed to P13 in 2012.[2] Upon viewing the board will assign one of three categories to the film:

  • Lulus Bersih (Passed without Edits/Cuts)
  • Lulus Dengan Pengubahan (Passed with Edits/Cuts)
  • Tidak Diluluskan Untuk Tayangan (Not Approved for Screening)

Should a film be approved, the Board then assigns the film a rating.

In Malaysia, a television rating system was revised in January 2012. Ratings are shown five seconds before the program starts.

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