LMN is American digital and satellite channel. It is a Spin-off of channel: Lifetime. The channel was launched on June 29, 1998. They airs TV Series, Movies, and Other Special Programs. Ratings are used by the networks are Rated G, PG, PG-13, and R, and for TV Shows and Other Special Programs are Rated TV-PG, and TV-14.

Drama SeriesEdit

  • Celebrity Ghost Stories (TV-PG)
  • The Haunting Of... (TV-PG)
  • I Survived... (TV-PG)
  • Killer Profile (TV-14)
  • Those Who Kill (TV-14)

Rated G MoviesEdit

Rated PG MoviesEdit

Rated PG-13 MoviesEdit

Rated R MoviesEdit

Television SpecialsEdit

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