In 1993, the National Association of Television (Asociación Nacional de Televisión—ANATEL), created this rating system as a way of auto regulating and labeling television programming, as follows:

  • Infantil (for children): Shows suitable for all children.
  • Infantil para mayores de 7 años: Shows for ages 7 or older
  • Infantil para mayores de 10 años: Shows for ages 10 or older
  • Infantil para mayores de 12 años: Shows for ages 12 or older
  • Familiar (Family): Shows suitable for all ages, regardless of specific content.
  • Responsabilidad compartida (Shared responsibility): Children accompanied by an adult.
  • Adulto (Adult): For mature adult audiences only (ages 18 or older). Shows that contain explicit language, sex scenes, explicit situations (used after 10pm local time).

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