In Argentina, the television content rating system are the same as those used by the local film bureau. However, rated programming is not compulsory for all networks. They are as follows:

  • Apto para todo público (ATP) (suitable for all audiences): Programs may contain mild violence, mild language and mature situations.
R-13 Argentina
  • Apto para mayores de 13 años (SAM 13) (suitable for ages 13 and up): Programs may contain mild to moderate language and mild violence and sexual references.
  • Apto para mayores de 16 años (SAM 16) (suitable for ages 16 and up): Programs may contain more intensive violence and coarse language, partial nudity and moderate sexual references.
R-18 Argentina
  • Apto para mayores de 18 años (SAM 18) (suitable for mature audiences only): Programs contain strong violence, coarse language and strong sexual references.

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